Thursday, May 24, 2007

Annotation Injection Architecture

From AADA to AIA
Anyway Uri Boness has a point here, and AADA was answering it.
My first work on AADA worked around using APT, or pure AOP framework like AspectJ and AspectWerkz. My issue with these solutions were that the tools were way overkill for a simple thing like Annotation Injection. I just wanted something that is dynamically (or more exactly rule based) injecting annotations based on my business annotations.
So, what I needed is to activate some kind of rules when any framework (Hibernate, XFire, EJB3 container, Marshaller, ...) were calling the methods of java.lang.reflect.AnnotatedElement
It was the time of Java getting open source by Sun, so I thought about giving a shot on how it can be done, but dropped it by laziness...

Back on track
Now with Java 7 and the great features for framework like Hibernate:
  • erasing the erasure or reify generics
  • methods and function pointers
  • binding
I think it's time for a new adventure toward Annotation Injection.

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